FAQ's: mywifiext.net

  • Do I need to update my extender firmware?

    Yes, you do. This is because having the updated Netgear extender firmware will increase the stability, functionality, and performance of the Extender. Moreover, the newly updated firmware will correct several issues and provide new improved features to the product.

  • Will WiFi speed slow down if directly connected to Extender and not Router?

    This scenario is mostly seen with some of the gadgets. This is because now the original bandwidth is shared by two individual connections. However, the appropriate solution is to use the extender in the FastLane mode.

  • Will extender work if I connect it to the router hard wired?

    This depends upon the working mode that you have chosen. For wireless connection, there is the extender mode and for the wired connection there is “Access Point” mode. With the Access Point mode, you can connect the Extender to the router using Ethernet cable.

  • How to configure access control on extender?

    Enabling access control is one of the best ways to secure your network. Using this control, you can block all the unwanted devices to connect with your network.

    Here is how you can enable it:

    • Have a device (recommended -computer) that is currently paired up with your wireless network.
    • Use the internet web browser to go to mywifiext.net.
    • Now, log in to your account using your credentials.
    • Further, go to the ‘connected devices’ under the settings.

    Here, enable the access control option. Select the devices which you wish to block from your network. And tap on “save”.

  • How can I access mywifiext on Mac OS X and iOS device?

    If you own a Mac OS X and iOS device, then you need to use mywifiext local web address for logging into your Netgear wireless extender.